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WVU Classified Staff Council

Working For A Bully Free Workplace

The Healthy Work Environment Initiative, intended to deter workplace bullying, began with the Staff Council Welfare Committee’s proposal in July 2007.

The WVU Classified Staff Council presented the Healthy Work Environment Initiative proposal to the WVU President in September, 2007.

The WVU President subsequently formed a Healthy Workplace and Campus Committee. The committee’s report was submitted to the President’s Office in September, 2008.

Staff Council continues to keep this issue on the radar screen by:

  • Requesting that our legislators support HB3015 – The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act. Hopefully the bill will be reintroduced next session.
  • Frequently adding it to the agenda of the Staff Council meetings with the WVU President.
  • Requesting that the recommendations from the Task Force’s 2008 report be implemented.
  • Talking to our constituents about the workplace bullying phenomenon and asking for their support of a WVU respectful workplace policy.

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