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Blood Partnership

The American Red Cross

Hearts & Hands

The Hearts and Hands fund is the working name of the WVU Emergency Relief Fund. The fund was started back in 1995 to provide some financial assistance of up to $500 to faculty, staff, or students in need. Requests for assistance (financial, fire, disasters etc.) go to the WVU Staff Council Executive Committee for the initial review and recommendation to take to the Council for a final vote. If time is of the essence and a decision needs to be reached quickly due to circumstances, the Executive committee will make the decision.

Staff Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program, designed in 1986, allows over 200 classified staff to have a course tuition paid for at WVU, it’s divisional campuses, and Fairmont State University.  Please refer to the the list of Eligibility Requirements for more information.

Eligibility Requirements:

Updated and approved by the Staff Council Tuition Assistance Committee on January 7, 2016 and February 17, 2016

  1. Tuition assistance may be used for undergraduate course work or portfolio requirement for the employee’s first undergraduate degree. Employees who currently hold a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctoral degree, are not eligible.
  2. Eligible employees may apply for/receive Tuition Assistance twice per academic year to cover one course per semester.
  3. Staff Council awards are offered to classified and non-classified benefits-eligible employees as well as Non-Commissioned Officers serving as staff with the WVU ROTC programs.
  4. Employee must have the endorsement of supervisor, dean or director if course is given during employee regular working hours. For more information regarding educational work release, please visit:
  5. Employee must have successfully completed their six (6) month probationary period for their current position to be eligible.
  6. If employee withdraws from a course while receiving Tuition Assistance and does not reimburse Staff Council, he/she is not eligible for assistance again. If reimbursement is made, the employee is eligible.
  7. Employee is ineligible for one semester if he/she: fails a course while supported by the program and/or fails to notify the Tuition Assistance Committee of intention not to use the award at least ten (10) days before class starts.
  8. Students who are not registered five (5) business days before the first day of classes will not be eligible for Tuition Assistance for that semester and may be assessed late registration and/or late payment fees; neither of which are covered by the Staff Council award.
  9. Employee must maintain a 2.0 semester grade point average (GPA).
  10. At no time will grant-in-aid be used to cover books, lab fees, extra fees (including college fees) or other expenses.
  11. Classified staff receiving additional financial aid equivalent to or in excess of a three or four credit undergraduate course at West Virginia University using current in-state tuition rates will not be granted Tuition Assistance, contingent upon availability of funds. This excludes the Pell Grant.
  12. If you are taking a class at another educational institution, you must pay for your class yourself and retain a detailed copy of your bill and receipt for reimbursement consideration. The reimbursement process must be completed via MyExpenses.  Divisional campuses of WVU are acceptable as well as Fairmont State.
  13. Applicant is responsible for filling out the application correctly. If you have any questions concerning the application, please call the Staff Council office at 293-5965.
  14. Applications received after the deadline date will be returned.
  15. While you may be approved, the award is contingent upon successful completion of previous semester if course was covered by Tuition Assistance.
  16. If you are approved for Tuition Assistance, please be aware that the value of the award is treated as taxable income.
  17. If the number of applicants exceeds the allowable amount of funding, Tuition Assistance award is not guaranteed.
  18. Once you are approved for Tuition Assistance and are sent a congratulatory email with the Tuition Assistance Policy Agreement, that agreement is due back to the Staff Council office within seven (7) days. We will allow an emailed copy of the agreement, but an original needs to follow by mail.
  19. Any appeals should be sent to the Staff Council Secretary, Staff Council office, within three (3) days after notification of denial. The appeal must include a detailed explanation of why the applicant should be considered for the award.

Tuition Scholarship for Children of Classified Staff

A completed application for consideration is due by March 1.  Children of classified staff employees of WVU as well as it's divisional campuses are eligible for consideration.  Please click the online application form below for more information.

Tuition Scholarship for Children of Classified Staff application for Academic Year 2020-2021