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Staff Emeritus Procedure

Procedure Awarding Classified Staff Emeritus Status

West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV

Emeritus status is an honorary designation conferred upon retirees to recognize their contributions and accomplishments that are deemed extraordinary (effort that went above and beyond normal job duties), created a legacy, demonstrating value or cost savings to the University over the course of their University careers. It is available to benefits eligible, Classified Staff whose retirement is announced and who have been nominated by another or self-nominated. Final Emeritus status is conferred by the University President after the WVU Staff Council Members complete the application process.



A nomination application for Classified Staff Emeritus status may be submitted in anticipation of an employee’s retirement to ensure the employee’s timely transition to affiliate status without loss of services. Nominations may be made up to six months in advance of, or up to one year beyond, their actual retirement date.

A Classified Staff member can be considered for Emeritus status in two ways. First, the Classified Staff member can complete the application process themselves. Second, the Classified Staff member can be nominated by another West Virginia University employee. The nominee will be contacted by the Chairperson of Classified Staff Council (CSC) informing them of the nomination.

The status of Classified Staff Emeritus can only be applied for once. The application process must be followed in order to be considered for the Classified Staff Emeritus status.


This policy does not apply to full-time or part-time instructional or administrative and professional faculty, or other non-benefits eligible part-time employees. This policy does not apply to Emeritus Faculty.

Submission Process:

The nominator or candidate will complete the nomination form found at The candidate, if applying for themselves, will solicit two letters of recommendation and submit them, in sealed envelopes, to the Staff Council office. One of these letters must be from the applicant’s dean, director, or supervisor. Classified Staff Council can solicit additional information as necessary. The nominee's resume should include their name, address, phone and email along with education, professional work experience, affiliations, awards and honors.

Procedure for Designation:

Chairperson of the Classified Staff Council will contact Talent and Culture to obtain confirmation that the applicants' requirements are satisfied. Talent and Culture will verify the requirements and keep the results confidential. Only a statement of satisfying/not satisfying the requirements will be reported to the Chairperson by Talent and Culture.

The Chairperson of the Classified Staff Council will call together the executive members of the Classified Staff Council to review the candidates' applications. The Executive Committee members will verify that a candidate's application meets all the requirements. If members find or believe that vital information may be lacking, they will then conduct further interviews and ask questions of either the individual submitting the recommendation letters and/or prior co-workers. Once the Executive Committee members are content that all requirements are met for each application submitted, a vote will take place by the Executive Committee members. The voting results of the Executive Committee members will be presented to the entire Staff Council membership at their next regular meeting. Any candidate that receives a majority vote by membership of the Executive Committee for Staff Emeritus status will have their names forwarded to the University President for final approval.

The President of West Virginia University, or his/her designee, will review and be the final decision maker for approval of applications for Emeritus status. If approved, a letter will be sent from the University President notifying the candidate of their Emeritus status. If denied, a letter will be sent to the candidate from the Classified Staff Chairperson thanking them for their application and service.

The Classified Staff Council will review and vote on the Emeritus applications twice a year. Either during its August or February meetings, or at a time best scheduled by the Chairperson of the Classified Staff Council.

Non-Classified Staff Emeritus status is determined by a committee in Employee Relations, not by Classified Staff Council. The applicant will be notified by a delegated person in Employee Relations.

Important Note: Classified Staff Emeritus status is a privilege and is neither a right nor an entitlement of any retired Classified Staff member. Emeritus status may be removed by the University at any time.


The authority of the Classified Staff Council Emeritus program is granted by BOG Rule 1.9.

Classified Staff Emeritus Nomination Form