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Shirley Robinson, Chair 
Jay Bucklew, Vice Chair
Joan Crabtree, Secretary/Treasurer
Tara George-Jones, Parliamentarian
Thea Browne, Member-At-Large
Matthew (Brett) Lemine, Member-At-Large
Jodi Vincent, ACCE Representative
Michael Joplin


Jay Bucklew, Chair
Tara George-Jones 
Michael Joplin
Tim Richards
Jodi Vincent


Annie Barclay
Jay Bucklew
Paul Castner
Matthew (Brett) Lemine
Tim Richards
John Twyford

Staff Council Scholarship (Tuition Assistance) 

Dianne Stewart, Chair
Matthew (Brett) Lemine, Co-Chair
Thea Browne
Joan Crabtree
Scott Morriston


Paul Castner, Chair
Jay Bucklew
Dianne Stewart
John Twyford

Red Cross Blood Partnership

Dianne Stewart

Staff Council members appointed to other University committees:

Athletic Council 

Shirley Robinson, Classified Staff Council Rep.

Order of Vandalia

Thea Brown, Classified Staff Council Rep. 

Sustainability Committee

Annie Barclay, Classified Staff Council Rep.

Tobacco- and Smoke-Free Steering Committee

Diana Savage, Classified Staff Council Rep.